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ECMAScript6 seems to have many nice small improvements over ES5 that make code more concise and readable. Nice!

Google’s sometimes bizarre auto-language choices and overriding with an “hl=en” URL parameter

A few months ago Google started serving me various pages/sites/services in Swedish. Yikes! It is very disorienting being offered a page in a language one doesn’t speak. All my Google account settings declare my native language as English. To make matters worse, various Google pages having varying ways of choosing a different language setting (e.g. bottom right corner, bottom right corner but just Finnish or Swedish, upper right Gear + Settings) or no way to choose (or maybe there is buried someplace in the “Svenska”). That kind of inconsistency feels like a kind of overall UI design sin to me.

After some trial and error, it seems that adding “hl=en” to the URL parameter list of different services has generally (so far) overridden any default language choices assumed by the underlying service.

    Thank you anonymous Google feature / software engineer!

Although learning Swedish would be nice, this is a good second best :-)!

For example:
– etc.

All I can say is “Mycket bra!”

Note to self

I was thinking about the new Nokia N900 and it is good for me to re-remember Steve Jobs’ design mantras from time to time: Its shape must be innovative, be elegant, and feel anthropomorphic.