Where is the “Internet of Things” in the “Hype Cycle” ?

I am catching up on the latest research and industry results for the Internet of Things, and almost an immediate question for me is where is IoT thought to be in the Hype Cycle?

There are many different definitions, concepts and services envisioned for the Internet of Things depending who one talks to ranging from smart homes and smart cities, to autonomous robots, to simply smarter physical things.

What does it mean to make something “smart” or “smarter”? Perhaps in the first simplest step, it means embedding a certain amount of processing and intelligence that wasn’t there before. The next step is probably connectivity into a larger network (local or wide area), in order to create some “connected” feature or value. Lastly by connecting masses of such devices, new features and knowledge are creatable that weren’t easily possible previously.

This kind of future has already been under research for at least a decade or more, and according to Gartner’s 2012 Hype Cycle the Internet of Things is probably still at least a decade away. (Also see the graph here.)

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