Assembling IKEA Komplement drawers

Anyone reading trying to assemble IKEA closets Komplement drawers, the final step as in booklet is not possible as drawn. First turn drawer upside down and attach ‘safety lock’ that way. See pic.


ECMAScript6 seems to have many nice small improvements over ES5 that make code more concise and readable. Nice!

updating python on macos

Nice concise howto here:


Cool credit-card size USB drive

Cool credit-card size USB drive

It is hard to be impressed by a USB thumb drive, but I really enjoyed the tangible feel and industrial/mechanical design of this credit-card type drive for the proceeding of IEEE Cloudnet 2012. Nice!

Cool credit-card size USB drive

Cool credit-card size USB drive

Startup fun

One of the nice things after having left a big company, and founding a startup is the chance to use great tools like and that just make life easier.

Where is the “Internet of Things” in the “Hype Cycle” ?

I am catching up on the latest research and industry results for the Internet of Things, and almost an immediate question for me is where is IoT thought to be in the Hype Cycle?

There are many different definitions, concepts and services envisioned for the Internet of Things depending who one talks to ranging from smart homes and smart cities, to autonomous robots, to simply smarter physical things.

What does it mean to make something “smart” or “smarter”? Perhaps in the first simplest step, it means embedding a certain amount of processing and intelligence that wasn’t there before. The next step is probably connectivity into a larger network (local or wide area), in order to create some “connected” feature or value. Lastly by connecting masses of such devices, new features and knowledge are creatable that weren’t easily possible previously.

This kind of future has already been under research for at least a decade or more, and according to Gartner’s 2012 Hype Cycle the Internet of Things is probably still at least a decade away. (Also see the graph here.)

Google’s sometimes bizarre auto-language choices and overriding with an “hl=en” URL parameter

A few months ago Google started serving me various pages/sites/services in Swedish. Yikes! It is very disorienting being offered a page in a language one doesn’t speak. All my Google account settings declare my native language as English. To make matters worse, various Google pages having varying ways of choosing a different language setting (e.g. bottom right corner, bottom right corner but just Finnish or Swedish, upper right Gear + Settings) or no way to choose (or maybe there is buried someplace in the “Svenska”). That kind of inconsistency feels like a kind of overall UI design sin to me.

After some trial and error, it seems that adding “hl=en” to the URL parameter list of different services has generally (so far) overridden any default language choices assumed by the underlying service.

    Thank you anonymous Google feature / software engineer!

Although learning Swedish would be nice, this is a good second best :-)!

For example:
– etc.

All I can say is “Mycket bra!”

New Amazon Kindles

I don’t often gush over new gadgets, but the new Amazon Kindles look really exciting.┬áThe first pictures have a really organic and anthromorphic feel to them. I can hardly wait to get one in my hands to see how well the reality stacks up :-)!

rackspace cloud hosting

I am experimenting with using rackspace cloud hosting as a possible alternative to AWS EC.
The documentation and support material have all been quite clear.

So far, so good. The setup and configuration has been very pleasant and easy to get used to :-).
I may write a bit more about my experiences as I go along. Or I might just have fun with it instead.

Networked Notes and ToDo lists

Every once and a while I think an improved mobile / Internet “ToDo List” would be great. But I always end up returning to using wiki. It’s the 20/80 in action. It handles my most acute needs well enough for me, and the others are the outliers that so far haven’t been worth bothering with. Plus it is fairly free form and so quite flexible. Any public wiki tool that allows private wikis would do just as well for me.